NDC won three awards in the prestigious 2011 ADNOC Annual HSE Award:

1. Runner-up in Safety - Pro-active Asset Integrity Reporting.

2. Recognition in Partnership (Jointly with contractor M/s. Leaseplan) - Real Time Vehicle Monitoring (IVMS).

3. Special recognition through ADNOC Submission - Giant Leap in NDC Field Medical Services (RAMS).

News & Events
20/09/2011 - NDC New Rig Accommodations Provide Major Improvement in Welfare Conditions

To upgrade living conditions and welfare at rig sites, NDC took a decision to convert from mobile rig camps to fixed camps. Through this change in concept, it was possible to provide much better accommodation facilities meeting the new HSE standards and totally changing the perception about rig camps. Although comes at higher cost, the major improvement in welfare of NDC staff and the HSE conditions was an important objective for the company. The project which was executed by ADNOC Civil Division consisted of building fixed type accommodations in all onshore fields to serve all rig requirements. The first phase has been accomplished through building three centralized camps in Tareef, Habshan and Madinat Zayed capable to accommodate total of 1200 people for 9 rigs. The second phase will consist of building similar camps in Bu Hasa and Asab to serve rigs operating in these fields. The new fixed rig accommodations provide the following benefits: Employees Benefits Better Living Standard for Staff to enjoy higher standard accommodation including access by main road, parking areas, larger rooms, private toilets, etc. More amenities such as recreational facilities, internet room, majlis, gymnasium, large dining hall, mosque, etc. Better social life through housing each 3 rigs staff in one accommodation complex. HSE Benefits Fire fighting Systems complying with current standards Sewage treatment plant to protect the environment and with recycling of water drained from the camp to be reused for alternate purposes. Electric power consumption is reduced through combining larger number of people in one camp and also through better design standard. Higher Food Standards through enhanced facilities for preparation and preservation of food, storage facilities for consumables, and the design of kitchen and galley facilities and equipment installed to HACCP standards. Improved Housekeeping Tasks by using full camp administration staff. Better safety during rig move by eliminating the need to move the rig camp. Operational Benefits Rig crew are better focused on rig operation by relieving them from taking care of accommodating, housekeeping, food, catering and laundry. Rig Move cost is reduced by avoiding the shift of camp in every rig move. Rig camp life is elongated by reducing wear and tear caused by frequent camp moves. Other Administrative Benefits Reduction in usage of hotels in town to accommodate staff for new recruits, transit crew, trainees, medical cases, etc. as the new camps have excess capacity and are located near main roads. Better security due to fencing and availability of security guards. The start up of these fixed rigs camps has been very well appreciated by NDC field personnel and rig visitors from clients and third parties. This is encouraging the company to continue the drive in giving employee?s welfare the utmost attention and care as NDC believes that they are the true asset of the company.